About Us

Squeezing Lemons
since 2021

Founded with the simple yet profound purpose of teaching my children the value of hard work and financial responsibility, our family-owned beverage company began as a modest lemonade stand. This entrepreneurial endeavor started as a hands-on lesson for our children, embodying the belief that “work can be rewarding.”

What started as a humble project to instill the importance of earning and saving has since blossomed into a thriving full-fledged business. Our commitment to quality and our passion for crafting refreshing beverages have propelled us from a small neighborhood venture to a beloved brand in the community. Over the years, our lemonade stand has transformed, expanding its product line and scaling operations while maintaining the core family values and work ethic upon which it was founded.

As we look to the future, our company is dedicated to creating opportunities for the next generation. We remain steadfast in our mission to deliver exceptional lemonade while honoring the legacy of our family’s entrepreneurial spirit. From our family to yours.. Please Enjoy! 

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